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Kimoplate e2

• 5-mil polyester base, 140  micron plate thickness imparts dimensional stability.

• Printable side has a matted finish.

• Plate flatness is maintained because no heat-fusing process is required.

• Expect about 3000 impressions per plate depending on the printing conditions.

• Maximum Plate size: 16" x 20" (410mm x 510mm)

• Minimum Plate size: 3.9" x 3.9" (98mm x 98mm)

• Maximum Print area: 12.7" x 19" (323mm x 483mm)

• Standard plate sizes are available. Custom sizes are available by request.



• Fingerprints and scratches on the printable surface will affect the image quality.

• Store unprinted and printed plates in the original black bags to protect from dust, dirt, and humidity.

• Do not use organic solvents to clean the plate as these will damage the surface coating.

• Do not cut the plate before printing as the edges may damage the print heads.

• Plates recover quickly if printing is interrupted. Just rewet plate with water or fountain solution.

Storage & Handling

• No etching solution is required

• No special fountain solution is necessary. Distilled water, Nikken Laser Clean,Mitsubishi OA2,  

  and other conventional fountain solutions may be used.                                                                          

• No need to change existing solutions on the press when switching to Kimoplate.

• Other solutions include:

   For PS Plate: 2% Astromark 3 + 5% IPA + distilled water

   For SDP Plate: 2% SLM-OD + 5% IPA + distilled water

   For PinkMaster: 5% PP Screen H + distilled water

Chemical Solutions