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Kimosetter Termination

Dear Customers,


We regret to announce that the "Kimosetter Series" and their support services will be terminated according to the schedule below due to supply issues we will soon be facing on

some of the parts.


We have sincerely appreciated your support for the Kimosetter business for many years.


Kimoto will continue its efforts in creating new business and looks forward to more cooperative business with you. We would very much appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Kimosetter Termination Schedule


 Kimosetter Sales


Kimosetter 525 September 30, 2014

Kimosetter 410 March 31, 2015

Kimosetter 340i March 31, 2015


 Kimosetter Support Service


Kimosetter 525 September 30, 2017

Kimosetter 410 March 31, 2018

Kimosetter 340i March 31, 2018


Please use the online support and manuals for your convenience.


All consumables (plates, ribbons & mech units) will be remain available.

Spare parts will be available until inventory is dissolved.


Online support & manuals will be available until March 31, 2020.

email: [email protected]